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    1. Articles

      Experiencing Australia: Chris Borja as a SISFU Hospitality Student to Study in ICHM, Adelaide

      The decision to study abroad was not an easy one for 21-year-old SISFU student Chris Borja. After careful consideration, Chris decided the time was right and moved to Australia in 2019 to study his top-up degree in ICHM, Adelaide, experiencing paid internship experience in Australia.

      The International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide, Australia has been rated as the Best Hotel School in the country based on the Student Experience Survey (QILT, SES 2018). ICHM has the highest industry placement hours of all hotel schools in Australia and was the first school outside of Switzerland to be accredited through the Swiss Hotel Association, Hotellerie Suisse.

      “I had mixed emotions when I was still deciding on doing the program. It’s exciting and fun because I’m not in my home country and challenging at the same time because I need to learn the Australian culture and the new curriculum that I’ll be studying. On the other hand, it is also scary and sad as I will be by myself for a while and will be far from my family. But, as I arrived I didn’t feel as “homesick” as I expected because I met some Filipino students in ICHM and they were the ones who helped me every day in coping with my independent life in Adelaide.”

      “SISFU-Southville teaches theories and techniques, and how it is in the real industry."

      “Studying in Australia is expensive, but with dedication it will pay off. It is not for people who just want to finish studies, but is good for YOUR FUTURE.”

      “It was in an isolated place. We were paid hourly and were given free accommodation and food. But sadly it was burnt down because of the fire that happened. But they will soon rebuild it.”

      “It is hard. You are bound to fail at some point. But with the proper mindset, anything is possible. If you are looking for a better future, I suggest that you go to Australia because they value your effort. And pay you well. Plus, studying here will make you realise that you will mature faster since you are independent and prepares you for success in International Hospitality.”

      ICHM Adelaide’s world-class hospitality teaching facilities allow students to hone their skills in a realistic setting. Studying in ICHM Adelaide is a great opportunity to undertake more work integrated learning placement than any other hotel school in Australia.

      Adelaide-based International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) has been named the best hotel and hospitality school in Australia for the second consecutive year. This is the finding of the leading national Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Student Experience Survey (SES), which is funded by the Australian Government.

      SISFU-Southville: World-Class Instruction in Reach
      SISFU is the only institution in the Philippines offering students UK and Australian Degrees through its partners: The International College of Hotel Management, Australia, De Montfort University, UK, and Pearson, UK. With its world-class instruction from internationally trained faculty, SISFU provides students with an international university experience. With UK and Australian curriculum, lectures and workshops from visiting international faculty, and the chance to take international internships, study abroad at our partners, or graduate at their home campuses, SISFU offers a uniquely global experience for students.

      SISFU - Reach Higher.

      Contact a representative!

      We look forward to hearing from you!

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